Posted on Jan 21, 2021

Hushabye Baby - Gentle Sleep Solutions

Sweet Anika sharing her banana with her monkey, as you do. Anika is 21 months old and has blown us away with the progress she has made with her sleep plan. Settling herself for each day nap and bedtime in her cot herself, and sleeping through the night from Night 1 of her plan. She had Mum or Dad beside her as she made her way through her changes, and when it was time for them to no longer be present at bedtime, she was A O K.

With just a few changes to her daily and nightly routines, we were able to give Anika independence around sleep. She was no longer needing help to fall asleep and there were no nightly wakings as a result. It's not always this easy! however the changes that I make at this age can be relatively small, yet powerful. As I always say to my clients, there is method behind my madness!

The best part for me is seeing parents see how easily their child can sleep when they need to, and what that means for all parts of their life. Anika's Mum said to me yesterday, that the difference in the day in regards to Anika's development has been amazing since she has been sleeping so well. Good sleep is that impactful, and that awesome. I thank Anika's Mum and Dad for putting their trust in me, allowing them to get to the amazing place they now find themselves.

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