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Meet Sam and 7 month old Oscar. Oscar has been working through his sleep plan and has made major strides. When I met Oscar, he was fighting against sleep - every nap, every bedtime, and through the night (he has a very good set of lungs!). He is now sleeping through the night and having some awes...

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Look at this gorgeous girl. This is 5 month old Vida. She is changing things up in terms of sleep. She has done so well from the very start of her sleep plan. I love seeing babies find sleep so well and families relax more around the ever changing sleep needs of their children. We have a few week...

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Here is my travel zone for in-home consults and home stays. If you live outside this zone, our consult is via Skype or FaceTime.

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Check out 5 month old Charlie. He started his sleep plan last night and has already showed us some serious independent sleep skills. Already!

He had only 1 waking last night. Amazing.

His first day of his nap plan was today and he did a lovely morning nap just shy of an 1hr 1/2 in length. No du...

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I absolutely love working with this family. Ella is 7 months old and working her way through her sleep plan. Having great day naps each day and starting to sleep through the night is where she is at. We are starting to reach our sleep goals 🙏 She is doing beautifully, as is Mum and Dad.
@ Viewba...

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Such a beautiful photo of 5 month old Edward. He is a week into his sleep plan and totally nailing it. This chap is loving his sleep, and so are his Mum and Dad. Merry Christmas Giles family, sweet dreams 🎄💤

Look at this gorgeous young man. This is 14 month old Angus. Angus was waking 5 times or more each night (some nights he was up every hour) and he wasn’t too keen on his cot, day or night. Angus had one short waking on nights 1-3 of his sleep plan then decided to sleep through on night 4. He has ...

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*REVIEW TIME* A nice Chrissy present.

Lucas - 7 months old

"Amy - The Baby Whisperer!! Before embarking on our journey with Amy, our lives consisted of hourly night wakings, inconsistent day naps, feeding to sleep, replacing the dummy and 5am get ups...just to name a few.

Since we implemented ...

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Cuteness overload! Meet 7 month old Albie. He has gone from being up every hour (or less!) each night to sleeping through the night peacefully. His day naps are getting more consistent and basically sleep is coming more easily to Albie and his family. A much happier family as a result. Lovely.

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a month ago
I can’t believe I waited so long to sleep train. I was so scared to do it. We sleep trained when my son was 14 months. He took to it so quickly. I thought we would have been one of her more difficult cases because I co-slept/bed-shared with him for the first year. He had never even seen a cot when we started sleep training. With Amy’s gentle program, he was sleeping through the night on the fourth night and I haven’t heard a peep from him any night since. He loves sleeping in his cot for naps and at night. I am so incredibly thankful for Amy and her program. Life is so different and relaxing now that I have my nights back. If you’re thinking about sleep training, don’t wait! Sleep is an important life skill and good sleep habits are capable with any baby. Thank you thank you Amy.
- Ashley E
2 weeks ago
Amy, I’m not sure where to start, before we began our sleep plan I was either pushing Ella to sleep in the pram, bouncing her in my arms, rocking her in the armchair or driving in the car to try and settle her. (I’m not one to listen to the cries for hours on end). That is A LOT of work to try and get a baby to sleep - only to have them wake not long afterwards. The day naps are now totally transformed, I pop her in bed, turn the white noise on and leave. Self settling is hard, but she is so much better at it now. She has consistent 1-1.5hr naps! and the amazing thing is I am not mentally or physically exhausted by the process. Another issue we were having was she would wake approx 1-2hrs after we put her to sleep. This doesn’t happen anymore, she knows it’s time for bed - we stick to the routine that she knows and voila! asleep! The way you streamline the process has been so easy for us to integrate into our day-to-day. Amy, thank you for your guidance and support during this ...
- Chelsea T
a month ago
Wow! Amy has done incredible things to our family’s sleep in such a short amount of time. Our 10 month old boy (Harvey) was waking anywhere from 3-8 times during the night but now he SLEEPS through for about 11.5 hours each night and continues to have 2 great day sleeps as well! We kept making excuses that he was teething or had a runny nose but he really just needed some basic skills to teach himself to go back to sleep. It took about 2 nights for the night feeds to come to an end and on the 4th night, we had a child who slept through :) Amy’s approach is gentle, individually designed for each child and their family’s needs and is very easy to follow and understand. We felt very well supported (phone calls, sleep log and emails) throughout the process and my husband and I are so thankful for Amy and the Hushabye program. It has worked beautifully for us- it didn’t even phase Harvey or interrupt his sleep when we moved homes during the program! Worth every cent and just wished we ...
- Sarah T

My Story

I am a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant and Mum of three young boys, working with families to ensure they all sleep well.

Focusing on children, from newborns to toddlers, I work using the Sleep Sense Program.

I was personally trained by Dana Obleman, the founder of The Sleep Sense Program. The program aims to help parents put gentle sleep strategies into place that will result in the children (and parents) getting the sleep they need, and having all sleep issues resolved once and for all.

I provide in-home and online consultations. My in-home consults are available in Greater Geelong, Golden Plains Shire, Bellarine & Surf Coast, Ballarat and areas of Melbourne. My online consultations are available worldwide.

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