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Elani's Mum is heading back to work so we have spent this week getting Elani's sleep on the best track it can be so Mum feels confident that everyone is sleeping well each night and Elani is napping well each day.

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This is 6 month old Leni. Mum was having to either rock Leni or hold her for her naps in the day, which of course was becoming exhausting and taking a toll on everyone. Overnight Leni was sleeping with Mum and Dad, and waking a number of times needing assitance to go back to sleep. Mum and Dad we...

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Here are a few ways you can help yourself and your baby during the 4-month sleep regression:

1. Stick to relevant awake times and make this a priority
2. Adjust your own routine. Remember, this is only temporary
3. Don't start increasing feeds overnight even if more wakes start happening i.e. if...

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What a transformation little Mila has gone through. After a few nights of her sleep plan, Mila was sleeping through the night. A few days in, her day naps were great too. No more walking, rocking or feeding to sleep. No more dummy. No more night wakings. Easy bedtimes. Easy nap times. Dad, Mum an...

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Meet 8 month old Archer. Archer is a shining star when it comes to sleep work this week. He has absolutely nailed his sleep plan, sleeping through the night each night, and having great naps with no fuss, no upset. Dad has been taking the lead on Archer's plan, and doing a sterling job. Mum and D...

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Sweet Anika sharing her banana with her monkey, as you do. Anika is 21 months old and has blown us away with the progress she has made with her sleep plan. Settling herself for each day nap and bedtime in her cot herself, and sleeping through the night from Night 1 of her plan. She had Mum or Dad...

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People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one!

...or they've partnered with me and everyone in the home is getting great sleep each night 🤣

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Getting your kids to sleep at bedtime may seem like a nightmare for some parents, but this need not be the case.

Here are just a few tips on how you can help your little one get a great night’s sleep:

💫 Have a similar bedtime routine each night
💫 Have your little one relax or slow down before...

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*SLEEP TIP* Cognitive developments.

Often around the age of 18-24 months of age, a major cognitive development occurs.

A sure sign that it is happening is that there is A LOT of talking - you can't make out exactly what he is saying of course, however there is a lot of 'talk'. Lots of repetitio...

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a month ago
Amy is incredible. I contacted her in the throes of the epic 18-month sleep regression. It was taking over two hours to get our daughter to bed and she was having extended wake ups overnight as well. Amy worked with us and provided such a detailed plan. I felt so well equipped to tackle our plan. I really loved the daily check-ins on the plan where she was really reassuring and proactive on suggesting nap and bedtimes based on what happened during the day. Our daughter is now been sleeping through consistently and we feel like we’re well prepped for the arrival of baby no 2 in a few short weeks!
- Erin C
a year ago
I was starting to go a bit crazy getting up and feeding so often overnight and just bringing her into bed with us so we could all sleep. What a difference a week with Amy makes!! Sleeping 12 hours without intervention and a few day naps to top it off. Here is Persephone telling the dog how amazing its been going. I just cannot believe the SLEEP we all get now. Thanks Amy!
- Clare C
2 weeks ago
Amy is a miracle worker, and I would highly recommend her sleep program. Our little dude, Arthur, was reliant on feeding to sleep and was waking 4-5 times a night, sometimes for an hour or so at a time. As he is our third baby, we assumed this would be a passing phase and he would eventually sleep for longer stretches, but his sleeping patterns just got worse. We were referred to Amy through a friend of a friend, and it took me a couple of months to actually make contact with her (I wish I had have done this earlier!). I was slightly skeptical and thought it was just in Arthur’s nature to be a troubled sleeper, and that any improvements would be marginal. But, we were desperate and so, so sleep deprived, so we started the 2 week plan when he was 9 months old. Amy has just the right balance of firm but empathetic, which really helped with everything. We implemented all of the strategies, and stuck to the sleep plan, and within a couple of days had a total turnaround with sleep. It...
- Amy A

My Story

I am a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant and Mum of three young boys, working with families to ensure they all sleep well.

Focusing on children, from newborns to toddlers, I work using the Sleep Sense Program.

I was personally trained by Dana Obleman, the founder of The Sleep Sense Program. The program aims to help parents put gentle sleep strategies into place that will result in the children (and parents) getting the sleep they need, and having all sleep issues resolved once and for all.

I provide in-home and online consultations. My in-home consults are available in Greater Geelong, Golden Plains Shire, Bellarine & Surf Coast, Ballarat and areas of Melbourne. My online consultations are available worldwide.

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