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*RECENT REVIEW* 6 month old Royce

"Before we met Amy, our son Royce was waking 1-2 hourly overnight, as well as being a 30 minute napper during the day.

We are now three weeks on from Amy's visit and Royce now sleeps 11-12 hours over night, with no night feeds, and two 1-2 hour naps during the...

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You know how I feel about parents with twins. I mean, my goodness. One new baby is hard enough.

Meet Jay and Rylee. They are 6 months old.

Jay and Rylee’s Mum and Dad worked with me with their first baby. When they found out they were expecting again, they organised to do my Newborn Package to ...

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Check out this little guy. This is 6 month old Hamish. He is a week into his sleep plan and doing beautifully.

A week ago this is where we were at:

Hamish would only sleep for 45min or less in his cot in the day. At night, he was waking roughly every 20min-1hr and wouldn't let anyone place him ...

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Introducing 5 month old Pip. Look at those eyes! Pip is making his way through his sleep plan nicely. All sleep plans are different, tailored to the family I am working with. In Pip's case, he is now sleeping beautifully over night with Mum and Dad in the same room. His days naps are becoming mor...

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Day care naps.

Starting day care for the first time means two things.

1. Sickness will go up a notch in the household. 2. Day sleep on care days will take a dive.

The good news is that the little ones adjust so quickly.

If your little one is going to care a few days a week, it generally takes...

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Recent *REVIEW* 8 month old Lake. Love it!

"I'll get straight to the facts - before reaching out to Amy we were often spending 1-2hrs trying to get our daughter to sleep and dealing with numerous night wakings (sometimes hourly) that seemed to be getting more abundant as time went on.

She now f...

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Meet the gorgeous Max and Harriet. They are 4 months old, almost 5 months now, and sleeping like angels 😇

I am always in awe of Mummas who are raising twins. One is hard enough!

Mum has done an amazing job working through Max and Harriet’s sleep plan. As a result, everyone is getting the sleep...

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2 weeks ago
When we first came to Amy our 9 month old baby was being rocked and fed to sleep every time she woke up in the night which was multiple times a night. We hadn't slept more than 3 hours in a row since before she was born. Most importantly, our little one was not getting the amount of sleep required for her age as she would wake herself up constantly and had no real sleep routine. We were really keen to try a gentle method of sleep training. Amy is very professional, direct and clear in her communication. After two weeks, our little one now sleeps through the night and is thriving off the new routine. She is so much happier now she is getting more sleep and actually loves her cot! She wakes up in the morning talking to herself in her cot and is much calmer when put to bed. We recommend Amy 100%. This program has changed our lives.
2 weeks ago
As a new mum, I don't have the brain space to come up with the words to describe just how much of a game changer Amy @ Hushabye Baby has been for my family. But not because I'm not getting enough sleep! Being a new mum is still challenging and exhausting, but I no longer second guess myself where my little ones sleep is concerned. We've both been getting a full nights, uninterrupted sleep for over 2 months now thanks to Amy and her gentle yet thorough & simple to follow sleep plan. My little lad gets 12 hours & I get 8-9 depending on how I fill my evening once he goes to bed easily each night. His naps are great and we finally have a nice day rhythm too. So thanks Amy, there's still a million more things I'm making up as I go along raising this little guy, but sleep is no longer one of them!
- Jess H
3 months ago
I can’t believe I waited so long to sleep train. I was so scared to do it. We sleep trained when my son was 14 months. He took to it so quickly. I thought we would have been one of her more difficult cases because I co-slept/bed-shared with him for the first year. He had never even seen a cot when we started sleep training. With Amy’s gentle program, he was sleeping through the night on the fourth night and I haven’t heard a peep from him any night since. He loves sleeping in his cot for naps and at night. I am so incredibly thankful for Amy and her program. Life is so different and relaxing now that I have my nights back. If you’re thinking about sleep training, don’t wait! Sleep is an important life skill and good sleep habits are capable with any baby. Thank you thank you Amy.
- Ashley E

My Story

I am a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant and Mum of three young boys, working with families to ensure they all sleep well.

Focusing on children, from newborns to toddlers, I work using the Sleep Sense Program.

I was personally trained by Dana Obleman, the founder of The Sleep Sense Program. The program aims to help parents put gentle sleep strategies into place that will result in the children (and parents) getting the sleep they need, and having all sleep issues resolved once and for all.

I provide in-home and online consultations. My in-home consults are available in Greater Geelong, Golden Plains Shire, Bellarine & Surf Coast, Ballarat and areas of Melbourne. My online consultations are available worldwide.

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